• We are both a way of life and a spiritual community honoring all paths to God
  • We provide spiritual tools to help people transform their personal lives
  • We choose to be good stewards of the Earth and all her blessings
Welcome to The Center for Spiritual Living.
We provide spiritual tools to transform lives and help make the world a better place.

2016 Community Retreat

St. Benedict LodgeMark your calendars for the 2016 Community Retreat! The Annual Retreat for 2016 will be a community gathering of everyone. Featuring Christy Snow and Jack Fowler. Memorial Day Weekend at St. Benedict Lodge, McKenzie Bridge.

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Sundays in February

February 7: Discover Your Voice
February 14: Through the Prism of God's Love
February 21: The Highest God and the Innermost God: One God
January 24: Individual Expressions of An Infinite Creator
February 28: Awaken to Your Spiritual Magnificence

On-Going Activities

Women's Wisdom Wednesdays 10:30-Noon
Men's Group Tuesdays 5:30PM
Men's Breakfast 1st Sunday of the Month
Tools for Successful Living Wednesday Night Service 7:00 PM
Yoga Classes Tues & Thurs Mornings
Lunch meeting of the Youth & Family Ministry 2nd Sunday of the month, 12:30pm
Meeting of the Board of Trustees 3rd Sunday of the month, 12:30 pm
Knitting and Crocheting Circle Wednesdays at 1 PM

February Affirmation

snow covered treesAs I awaken, I nudge others awake.
One person at a time, we all learn
to become consciously aware
of our Divine Nature.
As we realize this Truth
it comes alive in each of us.

Weekly Affirmative Prayer

lotusClick here to read the Weekly Affirmative Prayer I know that there is a Divine Power of Love, Light, and Life that is with me with every breath I take. I am one with the Divine. In the midst of my busy life I pause and allow myself to see me as God sees me; Perfect, Whole, and Complete. I know that the people and experiences that come into my life are gifts and that I am always blessed as I deepen my connection with God. I release these words knowing that everything is unfolding perfectly ...and so it is.